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Izzz Group was founded by Matt Beucher, a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant with over 14 years of experience in successfully establishing and growing businesses across diverse industries in complex regions including MEA, CIS, and APAC.

Our Story began in 2007 when Matt, a determined sales representative at the time, embarked on a mission to develop the MEA market for an IT company with limited resources. Through perseverance and strategic insights, he built 10 subsidiaries, catering to businesses in 46 countries, and assembled a multicultural team of professionals representing 36 nationalities. This journey was marked by two successful management buyouts (LBOs) and one final exit, solidifying Matt's expertise in business expansion.

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, Matt took a break to explore personal projects and investments. However, his innate business acumen and vast network led him to provide pro-bono consulting services to friends and acquaintances seeking to penetrate the Middle East, African, and Asian markets. After two years of delivering exceptional results, he recognized the value of his expertise and officially established Izzz Group in 2016, focusing on Organic and External Growth strategies.

Our Dedicated Team of Consultants

At Izzz Group, our team comprises consultants from diverse backgrounds and industries, equipped with a wide range of qualifications and hands-on experiences. However, they all share common characteristics that set them apart:

  • Experience in personal investment and business ventures, encompassing both successes and failures, giving them a profound understanding of entrepreneurial challenges.

  • A history of taking on unconventional jobs to support their education, fostering a well-rounded perspective and resourcefulness.

  • Possession of extensive knowledge across various domains, complemented by a vast network of subject-matter experts, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients.

  • A strong work ethic balanced by a vibrant and dynamic approach to life, resulting in exceptional dedication and creative problem-solving.

Trusted Partnerships with Entrepreneurial Clients

At Izzz Group, we differentiate ourselves from traditional consulting firms, such as the "big four." We cater to clients who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, constantly seeking innovative solutions and valuing collaboration with like-minded professionals. Our diverse clientele includes:

  • Business professionals brimming with groundbreaking ideas, seeking guidance and support to transform concepts into successful ventures.

  • C-level executives in need of "back to basics" strategies and actionable plans to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Private equity and family office leaders who desire comprehensive solutions beyond lengthy proposals, enabling them to seize opportunities and maximize returns.

Our Comprehensive Services

Izzz Group simplifies the complex realm of consultancy by focusing on two core areas: Organic and External Growth strategies tailored to emerging and intricate markets.

Organic Growth

  • Business Plan & Feasibility Study: Crafting robust plans and conducting in-depth analyses to ensure the viability and success of your business.

  • Organization Setup & HR Support: Assisting with the establishment of efficient organizational structures and providing HR expertise for talent acquisition and management.

  • Sales & Business Development: Driving revenue growth through targeted sales strategies and effective business development initiatives.

  • Marketing and Digital Optimization: Enhancing your brand visibility, optimizing digital channels, and implementing result-oriented marketing campaigns.

  • Cost Restructuring & Organizational Change: Identifying cost-saving opportunities, streamlining operations, and implementing organizational changes for enhanced efficiency.

  • Lobbying & Rainmaker Introduction: Leveraging our extensive network to facilitate strategic connections and advocacy for your business.

  • Non-Executive Director Outsourcing: Accessing our pool of experienced non-executive directors to provide valuable insights and guidance to your leadership team.

  • Supplier Screening and Sourcing: Identifying reliable suppliers and establishing strategic partnerships to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Fundraising: Assisting in raising capital and securing

External Growth

  • M&A Pre and Post-Acquisition: Guiding you through the entire merger and acquisition process, from preliminary assessments and due diligence to post-acquisition integration and optimization.

  • Compliance: Ensuring your business adheres to relevant legal and regulatory requirements throughout the external growth journey, minimizing risks and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • SPA Negotiation: Assisting you in structuring and negotiating favorable terms in Share Purchase Agreements (SPAs) to protect your interests and maximize value.

  • Due Diligence: Conducting comprehensive due diligence assessments to evaluate the financial, operational, and legal aspects of potential acquisitions, providing you with valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

  • Integration: Supporting the seamless integration of acquired businesses into your existing operations, enabling synergy realization and value creation.

  • Exit Preparation and Potential Buyer Research: Developing effective exit strategies tailored to your specific goals and conducting extensive research to identify potential buyers or investors who align with your business vision.

  • Financing: Assisting you in securing the necessary financing for external growth initiatives, leveraging our network of financial institutions and investors to ensure optimal funding solutions.

Business Cases

Team France - America's Cup 35th

To secure its pre-qualification at the AC35, Team France sought initial funding. Izzz Group supported the creation of "Le Club Team France," a network of businessmen and early sponsors, as part of their first fundraising plan. Although Team France did not emerge as the winner, they successfully participated in the AC in Bermuda in 2017.

Financial Solution for Singapore F&B Investment Firm

An investment firm specializing in Singapore's F&B and Foodtech sector faced financial challenges. Izzz Group was engaged by a group of shareholders to find an exit solution before the company collapsed. After nine months of consulting, we assisted our clients in exiting the company with considerable assets, enabling them to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Le Barbillon Rotisserie Franchise in the Middle East

Our client aimed to launch a French-inspired rotisserie chicken franchise in the Middle East. Izzz Group provided a comprehensive turn-key solution, including a detailed business plan, moodboard, recipe trials, staff organization, and supplier sourcing. Due to the pandemic, the project is currently on hold, but we are collaborating with the client to explore the feasibility of transforming it into a "cloud kitchen" concept.

Recruitment and Expansion Support for International IT Maintenance Company

An international IT maintenance and services company with numerous subsidiaries faced challenges recruiting staff capable of handling complex countries for its global customers. Izzz Group effectively recruited six qualified local engineers, established logistics in four countries, and outsourced their services to our client. The 2017 contract is still in effect, and we have helped the client expand and enhance their capacity with existing customers.

Green IT Company Startup Support

Two individuals experienced in IT sought to establish a Green IT Company. Izzz Group successfully assisted them in structuring their marketing and sales force automation, logistics, and raised an initial funding of 200k EUR from angel investors. As of 2021, the company achieved profitability within just seven months of operation.

Market Expansion for European Mining Group in Central Asia

A prominent European mining group aimed to expand into Central Asia, where they had no existing presence. Izzz Group acted as an agent to help penetrate the market by sourcing partnerships through a joint venture. We extensively mapped the Zinc and Nickel mining landscape in the region, connecting them with mining operators, EPC companies, and local governing authorities. After a thorough two-year feasibility study, our client successfully signed a partnership agreement.

Resolving Partnership Issues for Russian Family Office in the UAE

A Russian family office specializing in construction and contracting faced challenges with their local partner and operator in the UAE. Through meticulous operational due diligence and compliance exercises, Izzz Group uncovered mismanagement by the local partner. We facilitated an amicable agreement (out of court) between all parties, ensuring a smooth exit for our client. Our client subsequently engaged a trusted partner using Izzz Group as their local proxy.

Sales Team Recruitment and Market Penetration for Dutch Pharmaceutical Distributor

A Dutch pharmaceutical distributor sought to establish and train a flexible sales team to penetrate the Gulf market. Within a two-month period, Izzz Group recruited a complete sales team, provided training, and established a comprehensive local CRM tool for remote monitoring. Through our Rainmaking introductions, the client secured a contract valued at over +1 million AED. By March 2020, the client's team had expanded, and they initiated the process of opening a branch

Expansion Support for Event Staffing Agency

An agency specializing in staffing for the event industry aimed to expand and grow in preparation for Expo 2020. Izzz Group identified a potential European buyer and acted as a representative during the negotiations and final closing deal. Operating on a success fee-only structure, we successfully closed the acquisition within seven months, even amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our client is now fully integrated into the larger group and is progressing with their ongoing expansion plans.

Mentoring and Funding Support for Digital Marketing Agency

A local digital marketing agency sought funding and operational guidance to launch two mobile app projects. Izzz Group provided mentorship to the client's team, offering expertise in structuring and development choices by serving as their Non-Executive Director. Additionally, Izzz Group successfully raised the initial seeding fund round. After four years, despite acquiring a large number of subscribers, the company struggled to monetize its app. However, Izzz Group facilitated the complete liquidation process and successfully monetized their proprietary code, ensuring all partners were compensated accordingly.

Digital Transformation for Home Appliances Trading Group

Our client, a 50-year-old family-owned home appliances trading group, made the strategic decision to transition their business online and venture into eCommerce. Izzz Group led the digital transformation initiative, overseeing all aspects from educating internal stakeholders to the launch of their first digital store. The client's yearly closing sales in 2019 revealed that 60% of the revenue was generated through online sales, demonstrating the success of the digital transition.

Marketing Refresh for Industrial Cleaning Leader

A leader in the industrial cleaning sector sought to refresh their marketing and brand as part of their preparation for a potential exit. Izzz Group developed a comprehensive rebranding package, incorporating a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability program. As of 2021, the project is still ongoing, ensuring the client's marketing and brand are aligned with their future objectives.

Strategic Sourcing for Phosphate Supplier

Our client urgently needed a new source of phosphate to sustain their plant in Oman. Izzz Group embarked on a five-month mission across Southeast Asia to identify a reliable producer capable of meeting the customer's compliance requirements while understanding the legal and logistical aspects of exporting phosphate from these challenging countries. We meticulously proposed and screened four highly qualified suppliers, providing exported samples for further analysis, ultimately enabling our client to secure a dependable source of phosphate for their operations.

Due to confidentiality clauses and the need to protect client privacy, we have revised the case studies below while maintaining the essence of each scenario:

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